23 Ways to Make Your Home Cohen-Friendly

The first month of the year is almost over. How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, get fit, and eat healthier?

Studies show that habits form when done consistently for 21 days. Whether or not you’ve been able to succeed in following your resolutions for more than 21 days, the key is still trying your best to do them consistently. Here are some tips on how to make your home Cohen friendly and help you reach your healthy weight loss goals for 2017:

  1. Give away leftovers. Go over your pantry, dining table and counter tops and pack up those Christmas goodies that are high in sugar and fat. Those brownies from your officemate, the fruitcake from your tita, and that box of chocolates from your client – give them away.
  2. While you’re at it, gather those boxes of processed food such as crackers and chips, bottled sauces and dressings, ready-made instant food mixes, and more. Get rid of processed food in the house to avoid temptations.
  3. As soon as you get all unhealthy food out of the house, clear the clutter. Cleaning up your kitchen and dining room helps you be more focused on eating healthy. An organized kitchen also encourages you to cook more healthy meals and keeps you from eating junk food mindlessly.
  4. Keep fresh, weighed, and ready to eat and use chopped fruits and veggies in your fridge or freezer. This cuts back on food preparation time which leaves you with no excuse that you have no time to cook your healthy meals.
  5. Fix your fridge! Place these ready to use fruits and veggies at the center shelves so that they’re the first thing you’ll see and won’t be tempted to eat anything unhealthy.
  6. Drink more water by loading your fridge with bottles of ice water.
  7. Make your weight loss goals visible. Put your weight loss goals at the forefront by placing a photo of your skinny self or your brand new bikini for summer on your fridge or bathroom mirror. This will be a visual reminder for you of your goal weight!
  8. Stock up on spices and eliminate using premade, instant sauces and mixes which are loaded with salt and preservatives.
  9. Put oil in a spray bottle. Use only 2-3 sprays when sauteeing, which helps cut back on the fat you’re consuming.
  10. Get your Cohen tools out: digital food scale, spiralizer, chopper, steamer, etc. Having them within your reach makes food preparation easy-peasy!
  11. Create a Cohen-friendly zone.  Set up a corner where all your Cohen tools are located, such as your digital food scale, spiralizer, lunchboxes, water bottles, etc. are kept with your crispbreads, balsamic vinegar, Splenda or stevia, and a basket of fresh fruits and vegetables
  12. Use smaller plates. Replace big plates with smaller salad plates to train your mind that you’re eating just the right portion.
  13. Use your oven. An oven can be your best help in cooking multiple batches of your meals all at once. You’ll also use less oil when baking.
  14. Mark your home with food-free zones. Set a rule where certain areas of the home are “food-free” such as the living room, TV room and bedroom, to avoid mindless eating which causes weight gain.
  15. Remove all distractions in the bedroom such as a TV set, laptop or other electronic gadgets. Sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Make sure to create a relaxing ambience in your bedroom to help you sleep early and get a restful slumber.
  16. Let the light in your home. Open those curtains and let the sunlight into your home to get your body clock in sync with nature, which in turn encourages your body to burn fat more easily.
  17. In the supermarket, hit the fresh produce and fresh meats first. Avoid the middle aisles whose shelves are typically loaded with processed foods, junk food and sweets.
  18. Buy “real food.” Avoid buying anything instant, pre-made, or bottled which are high in salt, sugar, and preservatives. Remember: if it’s man-made, avoid it.
  19. Find an outlet for managing stress. Take a walk. Play some music. Dance. Read. Meditate. Stress is the top reason why we tend to eat high sodium junk food and overindulge in sugary “comfort food,” so it’s best to deal with stress without turning to food.
  20. Create a weekly menu. Planning the week’s healthy meals is key to sticking to your weight loss goals.
  21. Create ambience in the kitchen and dining area. Studies have shown that a relaxed dining environment keeps one from overeating. Dim those lights, add some soft music, and enjoy your healthy dinner.
  22. Plate it! Humans are visual eaters—not only do we enjoy our healthy meals more when they’re Instagram-worthy, we can also train our mind to eat healthy. Place vegetables at the center of the plate and move the meats to the side to rewire your brain that vegetables are as important as the mains—not just side dishes.
  23. Savor every bite. Eat slower and take your time to enjoy each bite of your food. Not only are you able to enjoy the flavors of your food more fully, you are also giving your brain enough time to process that it is getting nourished and is starting to feel full and satiated without eating too much.


Don’t be overwhelmed by what you need to do to achieve your weight loss goals. Start slow by making just a few changes at home, and slowly add more as you go along. What is important is that you are making changes towards a healthier lifestyle.

So whether you’re a new Cohenite still getting to know the program or a graduate or former enrollee who needs to get back on the program, we hope these tips will help you stay committed to your weight loss goals for 2017. Don’t give up, and remember that Cohen’s Lifestlye Centre will always be there to support you in your Cohen journey.


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