Funny or Odd Things You Learn When You’re on Cohen

I’ve been on the Cohen program since March 2014 and these are the funny or odd things I learned since I’ve been on the program.

(This was written while stuck in EDSA traffic on the way home from Makati to Ortigas with a full bladder after finishing half the day’s 2L water consumption.)

  • the difference between zucchini and cucumber 
    Zucchini vs. Cucumber
    Zucchini vs. Cucumber
  • the taste of spoiled or expired yogurt
  • the subtle differences in the tastes of sugar, artificial sweetener, and stevia
  • flat shoes vs. 4-inch high heels 
    Why, hello there 5-inch platform shoes!
    Why, hello there 5-inch platform shoes!
  • where the cleanest and empty bathrooms are
  • how 20 minutes in traffic feels like a lifetime when you need to pee
  • how different herbs taste against each other
  • the difference between a large and a medium and a small (or even an extra small!)
  • the difference between cravings and deprivation
  • crossing your legs without flesh pinching between your legs
  • the “thigh gap”
  • how perfectly fitted underwear makes you look awesome
  • how faith, hard work, commitment and trust can propel you to great heights
  • the difference in how people actually look at you and treat you
  • how 2.5 or 5 hours can feel like forever when you’re hungry and 4 weeks can seem like a breeze in between weigh-ins
  • cauli rice, enoki pasta, and Cohen pizza
  • unfounded unreasonable guilt:
    • guilt over deviating
    • guilt over not being able to go out to see friends
    • guilt over taking care of yourself first before others
    • guilt over not sharing your food
    • guilt over not caring for your health and body before
    • guilt over spending so much money on yourself
    • guilt over looking/staring at yourself too much when changes start to take place
    • guilt over not eating what your guests serve you
    • guilt over requesting for “special food”
    • guilt over still wanting to eat good, sumptuous food
    • guilt over being more health conscious

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