Boracay Travel Tips While on EP

I love going to the beach, and when The Significant Other surprised me with a trip to Boracay last June, I couldn’t help but squeal in glee!

However, I was in the middle of my EP then, and I had to make arrangements so I wouldn’t deviate. The Cohen FB page has several posts on tips on what to do while traveling on EP, and one of the posts included one Cohenite’s Boracay experience.

I made an effort to find Cohen-compliant food while in Boracay, and here are some of the lessons I learned which I hope you’ll find helpful should you find yourself there while on your EP.

Before anything else, try to answer this question: How long will you be there and where will you be staying? If it’s a nice hotel, make use of the fridge and store yogurt there if you want to bring yogurt. If not, have one of the restos there make your breakfast of eggs with some veggies.

Otherwise, here are some tips and suggestions:


  • Best to go to D’Talipapa to get fresh seafood that you can weigh yourself and have grilled. Just make sure you have a really good digital travel scale with you. D’Talipapa opens early morning so you can have your food ready in the morning.


(Photo above is grilled squid from D’Talipapa with Aria’s grilled asparagus with garlic.)

  • If I remember correctly, the grilled squid above cost me less than Php 170 pesos total for the raw squid AND the paluto fee. We bought 1/4 kilo (250 grams) for Php 70 and we just measured the raw squid what I needed for my meal allowance on my digital travel scale. I got many weird looks from the paluto staff when we were cutting up the squid into pieces to weigh it accurately, but I think they were more curious than weirded out. 🙂
  • You might have to pay the full paluto amount though, since most paluto restos charge a minimum amount for a specific weight (probably Php 150/500 grams or so. My apologies, I didn’t pay much attention to the actual rates.) For this we paid Php 100 for the paluto.


  • There are very few options for veggies in Boracay. You can get your veggies from the restaurants I’ll mention below. Otherwise, you can bring raw unsliced zucchini which won’t spoil or rot quickly, or any other vegetables you like.
  • ARIA has a side dish called “Asparagi verdi saltati in padella,” which is just asparagus sautéed in butter and garlic. You can have them just grill it – without or with very little olive oil. That’s Php 180/order regardless of weight (but without the taxes.) Make sure they don’t use butter!
  • – ARIA also has “Insalata di mare,” which is a salad with squid, shrimp, and fish with tomatoes and celery. The seafood is boiled (or blanched). You can ask them to modify it, i.e. take out the fish (I think it’s mackerel which is not Cohen-compliant), ask for more greens or other veggies that are compliant, and replace the citronette vinaigrette with balsamic or red wine vinegar vinaigrette instead. That’s Php 490/order (exclusive of VAT, I think.)
  • You may opt to request for a change of veggies. I requested for additional arugula for my salad, but with extra charge of roughly Php 50.
  • There’s also “Bietola lessa” in ARIA which is Philippine bokchoy blanched and drizzled with olive oil and lemon dressing. You can just have them blanch it, then seasoned with salt & pepper. That’s Php 160/order regardless of weight (exclusive of VAT).
  • For ARIA, you can get in touch with Tennyson Viray, Restaurant Manager, at or 0917-5659662. He’s a very nice guy, very accommodating. The rest of the Aria staff are also very accommodating, and they even remember your request if you go there often enough. 🙂


  • CYMA Boracay has a roasted bell pepper and Greek feta side dish that I loved. Just tell them specifically to make sure it’s GREEN bell peppers. This is a bit priceier at Php 390, I think. (With VAT and service charge, I believe.)
  • You may get in touch with CYMA Boracay at


  • HEIDILAND DELI at D’Mall has Emmi low fat plain or Greek yogurt, but that runs out really, really fast because they don’t stock up too many of it. It’s very sour, so you might want to add Splenda or stevia to it, and just buy your fruits from D’Talipapa. Just take note that one cup may not be enough for your weight allowance. One cup is Php 107.


(Emmi yogurt from Heidiland Deli. It was the last cup available when I bought it. I just bought the mango from D’Talipapa.)


  • JONAH’S can make you a fresh fruit shake without the sugar syrup. If it’s a mango shake, just tell them to make it with one mango and just water, no sugar. You can just add your Splenda or stevia after.
  • REAL COFFEE has really good coffee, of course, and the view in the morning is AMAZING. ☺ Also do check-out ARIEL’S BEACHFRONT for really good coffee and an amazing Station 1 beachfront view. (Photo below is from Ariel’s Beachfront.)



  • For your proteins, go to BORACAY STEAKHOUSE. Their tenderloin steak is supposedly about 200+ grams per order, but ask them to show you the piece so you can check for fat/marbling and weigh it yourself. (Generally, their steak cuts are lean and so amazing! Very tasty and tender, and hardly needs seasoning.) For some steak cuts, I think you can half it to make two servings pa. That’s roughly Php 640, depending on weight per piece. They’re open to halfing your order and getting one portion pa lang while they keep the other half muna until your next meal. They usually open around 11 am, so best to call ahead of time so they can cook your food and you can just pick it up when you’re ready.
  • To get in touch with BORACAY STEAKHOUSE, you may email them at Owner is Aisa Levai, and her mobile number is 09105711274 or landline (63)(36) 288-6102.
  1. TIP 1: The ARIA grilled asparagus is a good pair with the BORACAY STEAKHOUSE tenderloin steak. 😉
  2. TIP 2: Bring a squeeze bottle of Carmela Tanjangco’s Balsamic Reduction, just in case.

Hope these help! Have fun at the beach! ☺


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