Nearing the Final Leg of the Race

I had my 5th weigh-in and consultation at 8:30 a.m. I had been anticipating it because the weight loss has been quite slow already, and as stressful as it already was, I had been plagued by horrendous cravings that I couldn’t control the past four weeks. I had been monitoring my weight daily since my last weigh-in, so I was hoping I had lost at least 6 lbs. this time.

But no. I had only lost 5 lbs. – even less, if we’re measuring based on kilograms. (Damn the French for inventing that system of measurement!)

I was actually quite cranky and was bordering on bitching when I got to my consultation with Erika. Good thing The Significant Other was there so I had no choice but to be on my best behavior the whole time. I wasn’t particularly fond of Erika since she’s known to be very strict – and from experience, doesn’t really listen to you when you talk about how your work can make sticking to the EP very, very difficult – so you can just imagine how annoyed and irritated I was when I started my consultation with her.

To be fair to Erika, she didn’t butt heads with me during my consultation. She was very calm and patient in talking to me and The Significant Other and continued to give several pieces of advice that I needed to get through the final leg of this race.

This Cohen journey is not really a race, but it sometimes feels like it. I don’t want to get an extension – not even for a month or two – because I’m kuripot like that, and I’m challenged to lose the whole 70-fucking-plus pounds I need to lose within six months JUST BECAUSE.

I guess the Universe is helping me out with this one because when I logged on to the Cohen Lifestyle Center Facebook Group page, there was a post asking other Cohenites what they did to survive and push further through the final leg of the program. These were some of the bits of advice and tips I picked up:

  • Don’t weigh yourself.
  • Steam your food.
  • Cut back on your cracker allowance.
  • Consume only 1 fruit serving.
  • Sleep 6 to 8 hours a night.
  • No soda.
  • Don’t use olive or canola oil.
  • Walk a bit everyday.
  • Don’t be stressed.
  • No salt.
  • Eat only seafood.
  • Change up the order you eat your Meals 1, 2, and 3.

I don’t know which one will really work, but I’m considering trying them all. Oh well. Let’s see how this one goes. Wish me luck!



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